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Through these 40 recipes, you will discover the different characteristics of salads in the Thai cuisine: "yam" ยำ, "tam" ตำม, "larb" ลาบ, "phla" พล่า and a few other recipes.


In the introduction, you will find useful information on how to make your own seasonings and choose your chillies and herbs.


We have also thought of those who like to know more. You will discover how to recognize and characterize "yam", "tam", "larb" and "phla". Thai salads will no longer hold any secrets for you!


All our books come with personal advice. If you have any questions about certain recipes or ingredients, write to us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Because cooking is a pleasure to share, all the recipes are for two people. They are moderately spicy by Western standards.

  • Einzelheiten

    PDF file that can be viewed on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. It is compatible with most ebook readers.

    64 pages.

  • Contents

    Introduction to Thai salads

    Chilli paste

    Roasted glutinous rice

    Fried shallots


    "Yam" salads

    Calamari salad with lemongrass

    Prawn salad with lime juice

    Banana blossom salad with prawns

    Marinated prawn salad

    Pomelo salad with prawns

    Green mango salad with lemongrass

    Green mango salad with grilled mackerel

    Green mango salad with fried fish

    Mixed mushroom salad with herbs

    Cucumber salad with mint

    Glass noodle salad with pork and prawns

    Santol salad with dried shrimp

    Winged bean salad with prawns

    White turmeric salad with prawns

    Fried catfish salad

    Banana blossom salad with chicken

    Chinese sausage salad with celery

    Fermented sausage salad

    Salted egg and century egg salad

    Hard-boiled egg and pork salad

    Chinese mustard salad with sesame seeds

    Tea leaf salad


    "Tam" salads

    Green papaya salad with dried shrimp

    Green papaya salad with blue crab

    How to cut blue crab

    Green mango salad with smoked dried fish

    Coconut shoot salad with prawns

    Spicy mixed fruit salad


    "Larb" salads

    Fish larb with pea aubergines

    Pork larb with herbs

    Fried chicken larb

    Fried beef ball larb

    Shiitake mushroom larb


    "Phla" salads

    Fried calamari salad with lemongrass

    Prawn and chilli paste salad

    Beef and aubergine salad

    Grilled beef salad with herbs


    Miscellaneous salads

    Mango and orange salad

    Marinated chicken salad

    Lotus flower salad

    Waterfall beef salad

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