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Meat, fish and chilli sauce

Meat, fish and chilli sauce


This book presents 50 recipes based on eggs, meat, fish and seafood, using different cooking methods: fried, stewed, raw, grilled or steamed.


You will discover emblematic dishes of Thai cuisine that are however little known outside the Kingdom. They will surprise you with their intense flavours.


One chapter is devoted to chilli sauce, an institution in Thailand. These are sauces made from meat, fish or seafood that are served with raw and cooked vegetables. Easy to make and delicious, you will adopt them for your aperitifs and buffets!


All our books come with personalised advice. If you have any questions about certain recipes or ingredients, write to us and we will reply shortly.


Because cooking is a pleasure to share, all the recipes are for two people. They are moderately spicy by Western standards.

  • Details

    PDF file that can be viewed on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. It is compatible with most ebook readers.

    56 pages.

  • Contents


    Chilli paste

    Chicken stock


    Egg and meat

    Omelette with young acacia leaves

    Son-in-law eggs

    Stewed eggs and pork

    Stewed pork leg in soy sauce

    Isan sausage

    Chiang Mai sausage with lemongrass and kaffir

    Fermented sausage

    How to roll the fermented sausage in banana leaves

    Crispy pork belly

    How to prepare crispy pork belly

    Pork cracklings

    Pork tenderloin with lime sauce

    Pork tenderloin with black peppercorn

    Sweet pork ribs

    Sweet and sour pork ribs with pineapple

    Spicy pork ribs with lemongrass

    Spicy meat balls

    Red curry paste

    Crying tiger beef

    Roasted chicken in peanut sauce

    Marinated grilled chicken

    Marinated fried chicken


    Fish and seafood

    Fish with ginger and tamarind

    Sweet and sour fish with pineapple

    Fish with three-flavoured sauce

    Fish with black peppercorn

    Fried fish with herbs

    Fried fish with lemongrass

    Salt-crusted fish

    Steamed fish with lime sauce

    Steamed fish with pumpkin

    Stuffed calamari

    Grilled calamari with lime juice

    Sun-dried and fried calamari

    Seafood curry in young coconut

    Fried mussel pancake

    Grilled freshwater prawns with coriander sauce

    Prawn cakes with sweet chilli sauce


    Chilli sauce "nam prik"

    Chilli sauce with galangal

    Chilli sauce with mild chillies

    Chilli sauce with pork and tomato

    Chilli sauce with prawns

    Chilli sauce to eat on a boat

    Chilli sauce with pork cracklings

    Chilli sauce with salted eggs

    Chilli sauce with crispy fish

    Chilli sauce with mackerel

    Chilli sauce with dried shrimp

    Chilli sauce with aubergines

    Chilli sauce with catfish

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