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Plant-based recipes

Plant-based recipes


These 60 recipes are based on traditional Thai cuisine. You will find very popular dishes such as Pad Thai, green curry or sticky rice with mango. You will also discover typical dishes of home cooking such as coconut soup with banana flower. Of course, the cuisine of Southern Thailand is also represented with dry and yellow curries. We hope you will enjoy them because we must admit that they are our favourites! 

All recipes are for two people and are moderately spicy by Western standards.


With the purchase of this book you will benefit from personalised advice. Write to us with any questions you may have about Thai cuisine and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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    PDF file that can be viewed on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. It is compatible with most ebook readers.

    90 pages.

  • Contents



    Starters, snacks and dipping sauces

    Tofu satay and peanut sauce

    Sweet and sour cucumber relish

    Marinated tofu with garlic and pepper

    Fried tofu with lemongrass and kaffir

    Sweet potato curry puffs

    Vegetable tempura

    Sweet chilli sauce

    Fried spring rolls

    Fresh spring rolls

    Sweet and sour soy sauce



    Papaya salad with rice noodles

    Salad in wild pepper leaves

    Green mango salad with roasted coconut

    Tofu larb with banana blossom

    Sweet and sour cucumber salad with mint

    Spicy and sour mushroom salad

    Roasted chilli paste



    Thai vegetable stock

    Spicy and sour mushroom soup

    Spicy vegetable soup with goji berries

    Pumpkin soup with lemongrass and basil

    Galangal and mushroom soup

    Coconut soup with banana blossom

    Sweet and sour wonton soup



    Red curry with tofu, rambutans and basil

    Stir-fried tofu with snake beans and kaffir

    Curried taro and goji berries

    Green curry with tofu and eggplants

    Massaman curry with pumpkin

    Jungle curry with green peppercorn

    Panang curry with tofu

    Hungley curry with taro

    Yellow curry with fried tofu and kaffir

    Fried wontons with curry and wild pepper leaves

    Stir-fried tofu in yellow curry with green peppercorn

    Khao Soi with crispy noodles


    Pad Thai, rice and noodles

    Pad Thai with tofu and vegetables

    Stir-fried noodles with lotus

    Drunken noodles

    Curried rice with mixed vegetables

    Fried rice with holy basil

    Stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables


    Stir-fried dishes

    Stir-fried eggplants with sweet basil

    Stir-fried mushrooms with cashew nuts

    Sweet and sour tofu with crispy ginger

    Sweet and sour tofu with pineapple

    Golden tofu with ginger and goji berries

    Stir-fried tofu with mixed vegetables

    Stir-fried tofu with ginger and mushrooms



    Mango with sticky rice

    Banana fritters

    Pitaya salad in pandan syrup

    Oranges in jasmine and rose syrup

    Coconut jelly with butterfly peas

    Mango and coconut jelly

    Bananas in coconut milk

    Candied cassava

    Steamed banana cakes

    Coconut cake

    Tapioca pudding with corn

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